The Culture Map. Culture is to an organization what personality is to an individual. Culture is not what you say you are, but what you really are. Understanding your own organizational culture is important to your overall success. If possible observational research can establish a baseline and the LCI (Leadership Culture Index) provides a multi-perspective report on culture. Once we understand your culture you can affect change in other areas of your business. Jeff will provide a framework for understanding culture that integrates many of the common themes when it comes to understanding culture.


Resolving Conflict and Decision-making. Good leaders make good decisions. Period. Jeff Bezos say that a track record of high quality decision-making is the most important attribute that he considers for promotions. How do we make better decisions? First, Jeff will help you develop your decision-making process in the context of groups. He will help you understand how to use, manage and resolve conflict. Then, Jeff will give you some ideas that to improve your plans in ways that can be implemented and give you a greater chance to succeed. This session can be customized for executive, strategic, operational and project teams.


Leadership Q and A Session. Jeff enjoys working directly with emerging and incumbent leaders to help them deal with current work situations. Often instructional sessions only provide a segue to talk about the specific issues that leaders must deal with. In this more informal and open session, Jeff often discusses a few larger topics to get the conversation started and then responds to comments and questions. His goal is dig deeper, by asking follow-up questions in a Socratic process to uncover the root causes of many of the specific problems and challenges leaders face. This can be coupled with or added onto individual coaching.


Increase ROI on your marketing budget by analyzing what you do well and where you need to improve. Consistency is the key, you want all of your marketing communications to speak to the same core needs in the same way. 



Does your strategy sit on a shelf or does it embody your day to day operations? It is your heart beat or a foot stool? Strategy should be more than a list of goals and objectives. We will help you craft a strategy that gives you the tools you need to kick your competition's butt. 



Take your organization to the next level with a focus on the structure, culture and design of work. Increase collaboration and commitment through employee engagement and job enhancement.