"Anyone can lead, the question is: Will you?"


If your business needs leaders who step up to the challenges of the 21st century, then you need the proper leadership training. From instruction that goes beyond pat answers to one-on-one coaching and accountability, with 360-degree evaluations and personality profiles, and enhancing executive capacity with development plans; you must cultivate a culture of excellence that starts at the top and cascades to every level of your organization. 

If you have teams that work closely together what are you doing to facilitate and maximize their productivity? Leaders must be proactive, because these groups of people will not become efficient and effective on their own. Your company needs collaboration based team development and vision sharing to build a common purpose that is felt and acted upon. 

What are the strategic implications of your plans? Are they lived out or do the sit on a shelf or in a network drive? What are the keys to unlock breakout strategic advantage in your business or industry? Are you fully aware of what your competitors are doing? 

Decisions of leaders impact many day to day actions. How do you understand and manage the link between strategy and implementation? Consistent communication through various channels shortens the gap between what you think you want to do and what actually happens.  



Jeff Darville is a professor of business management and marketing. Jeff has earned his Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from Gannon University, his M.S. in Organizational Leadership from Geneva College and B.S. in Marketing Management from Grove City College. He has over 15 years of progressive leadership, marketing and personnel experience in for profit business and higher education. His research interests include strategic decision making, leadership in group dynamics, the use of conflict and rationality in these processes and top management teams.


As Professor of Business, his instruction in classroom and online courses for Advertising, Branding and Integrated Marketing Communications, Sales, Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Ethics, HR, Negotiation, Team Dynamics, Corporate Finance, Management and Leadership are part of the core curriculum for La Roche College, Butler County and Allegheny County Community Colleges. While teaching at the undergraduate level, Jeff has provided guidance and assistant in strategic planning, fundraising, organization development, grant procurement, sales and marketing. Prior to instruction Jeff did extensive business development work, driving revenue goals. He has broad experience in the navigation of complex sales, digital and social media marketing for technology companies.



Jeff has lead consumer enterprises and B2B marketing for tangible and intangible products. He has extensive understanding and custom use of CMS (Course Management Systems) such as Blackboard, Angel, Moodle and CampusVue, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in Act, Onyx and Salesforce and various SaaS (Software as a Service), and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) end user processes experience in SAP and Peoplesoft, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) MapInfo consulting and documentation.


Jeff has conducted curriculum development for software, conferences, and sales training. He has provided training in real estate, investment and risk management . And, with coaching and teaching in business, marketing, leadership and professional development he continues to challnege students to grow and expand their horizons. 


Jeff's core competencies are in Organizational Learning, Marketing Communications, Leadership and Change with specialization in Strategic Planning, Professional Development, Decision-making, Leadership and Team Building. Jeff has provided departmental Budgeting, strategic assessments, vision casting facilitation, customer relationship management, inside and outside sales, recruiting, new market penetration, marketing collateral development, market research and analysis, organizing marketing and sales events, and data analysis for marketing information management. and business intelligence.